Mar. 11th, 2012

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This is mostly for my own reference though if it is helpful to others, all the better.

A local grocery had Seville oranges, which I've been looking for each winter for a few years because I wanted to try my hand at marmalade.

The recipe I picked ( calls for more oranges than others that I've looked at since, I'll probably try others to compare because this one was particularly work intensive.

Which leads me to note 1 - This is a two person task or a two day task. My hands aren't up to doing that much at once. So I did all the prep (juice fruit, pull out membranes and seeds, scrape pith off the rind, julienne the rind) and the first round of cooking in one afternoon and did remaining steps (add sugar, cook again, put in jars, process for 5 minutes) the next day.

Note 2 - Maybe spend a bit more time separating pulp from seeds, it all went in the jelly bag and I wouldn't mind more pulp in the marmalade.

Note 3 - Ignore the thermometer, ignore the "drops on a cold plate" method. Is the marmalade congealing on the spoon used for stirring every few minutes? If yes, done. (The recipe said to heat to 220 degrees or it wouldn't gel. My thermometer didn't ever go over 213. I will grant that this is as likely to be a device error as a recipe error, but I don't know if I'll be replacing the device so...)

Note 4 - The result tastes exactly like Aperol. (probably not surprising, Aperol is a bitter orange liqueur).

Now I just need fresh scones.


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